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[IP] DEX Experiment

Hi everyone,

 It seems the US is catching up with our neighbors to the north.
Saw my CDE today and was offered the opportunity to check out the DEX,
as a test subject.
I received the complete package: video, 100 strips, meter, you name it.
Have to fill out a small amout of paper work. Run out of strips have 1-800
to call. I also get to keep it. How have you all been doing with the new
machine? I see two things.

	1. you load a 10 cartridge test strip in.
	2. you don't have to "aim" your blood sample
	3. multible memory capabilities and averages.
	1. ya still gotta stick yourself
	2. Accuracy verses other machines?
	3. Bring on the sensor!!!!!
Anybody out there using it on a regular basis? would love to here about it.