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Re: [IP] Pumping Regular?

    I would be more than happy to tell you how I'm doing on Velosulin. I
started on Velosulin when I started on the pump January 6th of 97. I had
never heard of it before that. It is just a buffered regular insulin that
does not clot or breakdown as bad as other non-buffered insulin.
    For me, it is the best thing since marriage. It took me about three days
on the pump (MiniMed 507) to get all the NPH out of my system and after the
third day I thought I was going to tear this 50 year old chassis. I might
add here that I have a heart condition that restricts me somewhat but
besides that I feel like a new people since switching to straight regular
    Before starting on the pump I was mixing NPH and regular, and tried to
use some 70/30 but that is not fit for human consumption ! I did better with
the NPH and regular on a sliding scale. I will say this right now, IN MY
OPINION, NPH insulin is most likely the reason most "new pumper's" get this
fine feeling of health in the first few days of their new experience on the
pump. It is still with me too after a full year. If I could get my heart
fixed I might climb Mt. Everest! And I'm scared of heights.
    So far my A1C's have dropped from the middle 7's and 8's to 6.6 or 6.8.
I gained about 8 or 10 pounds and need to get that back off but not being
really able to exercise like I should it is hard to do. Maybe I could just
grow a few inches taller. <big grin>
    I do use Humalog for anything over 200 (injected) or if I am high and
don't have enough time before eating to bolus. I find that 30 minutes before
eating is not enough time unless I am around 90. The Velosulin just don't
work as fast as the Humalog. I like the idea of being able to just bolus and
eat but that is not one of my big concerns. I have been type since 1959 and
am one of the old fools that is still on the "routine". I'm in pretty good
shape for the shape I'm in. I won't complain as I have had a good time and
outlived a lot of my non-diabetic friends and family.
    I do not smoke, drink alcohol, or chase cars! Ha. I feel better now than
at any other time in my life before 1/6/97. It can only get better after the
    Any other questions ask away ???

Good luck,

Buddy Barber '-)