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Re: [IP] Writing FAQ's, etc.

Where is the site <<<<<>>>>> I would love to speak my two cents...........

Dave Brockman......
Plantation, FL
email @ redacted

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From: Mjrenstrom <email @ redacted>
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Date: Wednesday, January 14, 1998 4:07 PM
Subject: [IP] Writing FAQ's, etc.

>Hi again,
>If any of you have been contemplating writing for the website but have been
>too shy to actually volunteer, let me encourage you!
>I recently wrote a HOWTO for the site and it really was fun.  I enjoyed
>the research and even got to know a few members of the list pretty well as
>asked for input.  (Hi, Bob!)  Michael helped a lot as I am NOT a computer
>techno-dweeb (I'm just a wanna-be computer techno-dweeb!)
>There is another mailing list that you can join (sort of like the
>"underground") called IP-dev.  It is for members of the IP list who are
>interested in contributing to the website.  Michael has plenty to do and
>use help in developing the website.  I honestly feel that it is imperative
>help spread the word about pumping to other diabetics.  (Last week I
>to myself as a "pump evangelist".)  One way to accomplish this goal is to
>as much information as possible available through the website.  I know I
>have liked to have a resource like this in Nov. '96 when I was
>going on the pump.
>To join the IP-dev list, go to the website and proceed to the "join mailing
>lists" section.  The rest is self-explanatory.  There are already a few of
>there and we would like to have more help.  I, for one, am willing to help
>others learn the ins and outs of writing for the site.  It really isn't
>Thanks for listening,  I'll climb down from my pulpit now.
>Mary Jean