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[IP] Writing FAQ's, etc.

Hi again,

If any of you have been contemplating writing for the website but have been
too shy to actually volunteer, let me encourage you!

I recently wrote a HOWTO for the site and it really was fun.  I enjoyed doing
the research and even got to know a few members of the list pretty well as I
asked for input.  (Hi, Bob!)  Michael helped a lot as I am NOT a computer
techno-dweeb (I'm just a wanna-be computer techno-dweeb!)  

There is another mailing list that you can join (sort of like the
"underground") called IP-dev.  It is for members of the IP list who are
interested in contributing to the website.  Michael has plenty to do and could
use help in developing the website.  I honestly feel that it is imperative to
help spread the word about pumping to other diabetics.  (Last week I referred
to myself as a "pump evangelist".)  One way to accomplish this goal is to make
as much information as possible available through the website.  I know I would
have liked to have a resource like this in Nov. '96 when I was contemplating
going on the pump.

To join the IP-dev list, go to the website and proceed to the "join mailing
lists" section.  The rest is self-explanatory.  There are already a few of us
there and we would like to have more help.  I, for one, am willing to help
others learn the ins and outs of writing for the site.  It really isn't hard.

Thanks for listening,  I'll climb down from my pulpit now.

Mary Jean