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RE: [IP] toning up

Hello Nancy,

I am a 507, Humanalog user.  I try something different for sleeping than
anyone that I have read.  I sleep in boxer type pjs, but I wear one of
the sports bras with my pump in the middle front in the qulted cover
made by Minimed.  I really like this because it doesn't move no matter
how I sleep, since I never sleep on my stomach.  Super glue comes off
with fingernail polish remover.


> ----------
> From: 	Nancy Ludwig[SMTP:email @ redacted]
> Sent: 	Wednesday, January 14, 1998 3:55 PM
> To: 	Insulin Pumpers
> Subject: 	[IP] toning up
> Hello,
> I am the one who wrote in earlier about the tight fitting bridesmaid
> dress I have to wear, and not knowing where to put my pump.
> (thanks for the help with where to put it)
> Next question.....
> I want to do some sit-up exercises and I have been wearing my
> sites on my stomach.   Is this going to aggrevate them?   Should
> I switch from the stomach area to another?  (although I am
> trying to "tone up" the rest of me)  Are the stomach exercises
> going to hurt or be a problem for the site?   ( I know my muscles
> will hurt, I have noodle legs from exercising earlier  :-)  )
> I have been on the pump for five weeks now.   I think of something
> new every other day to ask you guys.   I am using the MM 507 with
> Humalog.
> Neat idea about wearing the old site for a couple hours.  I am going
> to try that the next time I change it.  I always thought it was the
> stress
> of sticking myself again that caused my sugars to go high.
> SIDE NOTE HERE:   how do you get "super glue" off of your fingers?
> I did not glue them together, but while trying to fix my three yr old
> daughters purse, I got glue on my fingers.  :-)  OOPS     My fingers
> feel funny my my sweetie is happy!  :-)  :-)  :- )
> Sincerely,
> Nancy