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Re: [IP] tight fitting dress

This may sound crazy, but is it possible not to wear your pump
at all to the wedding and just return to shots temporarily?
Any diabetic without a pump would have to.  This would be a last
resort though I would imagine...
How difficult is it to switch temporarily from pump to shots..?

Kelly wrote:
> Nancy Ludwig wrote:
> Hi Nancy,
> As Michael already pointed out--you can buy a leg wrap to hold your pump
> in--I have one for my thigh and my calf--although socks or tight
> knee-highs will hold it too--if the dress is long.
> Other places I have put it include in my underwear.  It isn't real
> comfortable but desparate people do weird things ;)  Others have
> mentioned clipping it to the dress or bra under your arm, but that has
> never worked for me.  Last Xmas I also just disconnected it, put the
> pump in my bag and occasionally went to the bathroom and gave myself a
> small bolus--this seemed to work well for me and I personally like this
> the best for me.
> Have fun,
> --
> Kelly
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