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Re: [IP] tight fitting dress


does the dress have cap sleeves?  I put my pump in the sleeve on a tight
fitting formal once, andhad no problem.

Heck it's a wedding...have the bride give all her bridesmaids garters as gifts
and instead of holding up your stocking, attach your pump

Or pop it in your purse during the atual wedding - dash to the potty before
you eat - plug in and in the way of the druggies...shoot up real quick
disconnect, and back you go -  don't forget to cover for the bolus while you
are disconnected

If its a really tight dress and you don't want no plastic button showing thru,
take a syringe and a vial.  Or if you have any NPH or lente left from the
olden days, you might consider that for the day

Lots of options - be creative