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Re: [IP] tight fitting dress

Hi Nancy:
    2 suggestions from my very thin 15 yr old daughter (who did NOT like the
leg thing from Unique)
    a. Calvin Klein body shaper - looks like control top panty-hose WITHOUT
the stocking part..itsy-bitsy lycra-ish bike-short-appearance...she slides the
pump inside her inner thigh...In a short dress, she can reach under the hem to
"access" the pump for bolusing
    b. if it's a floor-length dress, a stretchy terry cloth wrist band
(Melissa "appropriated" her dad's tennis gear!!) slid up over your lower calf
will hold the pump in place there, provided you're using the longer tubing!!!!
    c. detaching....least preferable option for a teen-ager who can "forget"
she's detached & not bolus often enough to prevent a delayed high hours later

    Hope this helps!...............Renee