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Re: [IP] tight fitting dress

> Okay not to sound shallow again, BUT....
> My cousin has asked me to be in her wedding and I recently
> received the picture of the dress she has chosen me to wear(AGHHH!)
> Let's just say I have begun extensive exercises for the less than
> solid parts of my body.  :-)
> All of this to ask, where do I wear my pump with this dress?
> I am 5'6" 140 pounds and let me just add not busty enough
> to hide with my bra.
> Is there such a thing to attach it to my leg or can I be detached
> from it for the wedding.  BUT then were do I put it during the reception?
> I have until late June for ya'all to help me out here.  :-)
> Doing sit ups while I type,
> Nancy
> MM 507 pumper for 5 weeks now and Loving it!
See the Unique accessories link on the website under other links etc...
there is a leg thing that goes on your thigh.