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[IP] How are you performing the mixing?

Lily does it, I haven't watched except accidentally.
I just gave her the basic guidelines. i.e. don't mix the insulin in the 

Using the 3cc syringe.

She primes both flasks by putting in the air.
Draws the humalog first and removes bubbles from the syringe by tapping
and flushing back to the humalog flask total - 240 - 250 units

Carefully draws the velosulin - no flushing, so no mixing
 50 units about.  

No great care is taken in getting it 'exact'.

>How are you actually performing the mixing "ritual" for the Velosolin /
>Humalog? How are you dealing with the mechanics of doing this?

>I just sat down to try this, and stopped myself quickly, since I did not
>want to waste any insulin with this experiment.

>Do you use an empty vial as a "transfer" vessel?
>How accurate are your mixes?
>Note that I use a Disetronic - there are some differences in the cartridges
>compared to the reservoirs, but I don't think it would stop me from trying
>any tricks you may have worked out.