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Re: [IP] Humalog - clarifying the infusion site problem

> I am using Humulin (regular) at this point.  I guess that may just be a
> Canadian brand name.  I had never even heard of Humalog until I got on this
> group!  But then, my head has firmly in the sand for the last 10 years!

Humulin is the Eli Lilly brand name for regular insulin
Velosulin BR is the Novo Nordisk name for regular insulin buffered 
for pump use.
> My last endo gave me a bottle of Humalog a couple of weeks ago, but I got
> no instruction about how to use it, other than to stick it in the pump and
Yeah, that's a problem.

Basically, Humalog works twice as fast as regular. This means that 
you can correct a high in about 30 to 45 minutes.  You can bolus at 
the start of a meal instead of 30 min. before and it is easier to 
'graze'.  Lows are not usually as severe since after about 2 1/2 
hours most of the Humalog has been absorbed.

SEE THE PACKAGE INSERT, there are some good curves in there.

For pump use, you need to retard your basal start times by about 2 
hours (set them later) since the H works faster.  A little messing 
around with waking, going to sleep start/stop times are also 
required.  Other adult H users are more qualified to speak about 
that. I only deal with a teenager who is not real consistent about 
either hormones or what/when she eats in the evening.

> I am worried about just trying it.  My sugars are already adjusting to the
> fact I am exercising and watching my diet now and tend to be low.
Probably be easier on H since you aren't loaded up with insulin for 4 
hours minimum.  It's kind of like the switch off of N on the R when 
you went on the pump.
> I figure that I will try the Humalog when I get my new endo trained to do
> my bidding ;')  Then I will have a *ton* of questions!

Good luck, they don't know anything about it either.  Your probably 
better off relying on Buddy :-) heh.. heh...

I hope you have a sense of humor Buddy. :-))

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