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Re: [IP] Humalog - clarifying the infusion site problem

>>Sorry also about saying we are all on Humalog, I usually am more
>>politically correct and say most of us etc.  I guess there are still some
>>rebels out there.  Buddy  <big grin> Question... Doesn't just going on
>>Humalog usually lower HA1cs a point? Michelle

I am using Humulin (regular) at this point.  I guess that may just be a
Canadian brand name.  I had never even heard of Humalog until I got on this
group!  But then, my head has firmly in the sand for the last 10 years!

My last endo gave me a bottle of Humalog a couple of weeks ago, but I got
no instruction about how to use it, other than to stick it in the pump and
I am worried about just trying it.  My sugars are already adjusting to the
fact I am exercising and watching my diet now and tend to be low.

I figure that I will try the Humalog when I get my new endo trained to do
my bidding ;')  Then I will have a *ton* of questions!

type 1, 18 years
pump, 13 years

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted