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Re: [IP] First day absorption


Thank you!  No, my diabetes pump educator had not suggested this, what she
suggested is bolusing an additional half a unit or so when inserting the new
set to make up for the "lose" of the old set and the time it took to change
the site.  I like your suggestion much better and will give it a try when I
change the site tomorrow.

Thanks again,
email @ redacted

>No offense, you might be suffering from the 'dumb newbie' syndrome.
>Most CDE's don't know this, they're the dummies.
>When you change your set, the old set has been busy infusing and
>contains a substantial amount of insulin in and around the insertion
>point.  When you 'yank it out' that insulin oozes out and you don't
>get it.  Thus your bg's go high.  The physical amount of liquid lost
>is very small and usually goes un-noticed. Think about how small a
>drop the 5 unit prime makes on the end of the canula.  Anyway,
>if you use Humalog, leave the old set in place at least 2 hours
>minimum, if Reqular, leave it in place 4 hours or more.
>That should solve your 'changing-day' highs.
>email @ redacted