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Re: [IP] Humalog - clarifying the infusion site problem

> Sorry, guys about the possible misinformation.  As I understood it, the
> reason we started seeing high sugars on day 4 of our infusion sets was
> because the Humalog degraded in an unrefridgerated state, such as in our
> pumps.  I'm confused, isn't that why there is so much controversy going
> on about the unrefridgerated shipments of Humalog?  
No, Humalog has a 28 day shelf life at 86 degrees F.
In that period of time, according to Eli Lilly Company, and I quote 
from a letter I received from them dated Jan 13, 1998, "...a vial of 
insulin stored a 86 degrees F. will lose approximately 1.7% of its 
potency over 30 days. Presumably this covers Humalog as well, and the 
letter specifically addresses Humalog along with other insulins.  The 
package insert that comes with the vial is the 'definitive' document, 
have a look at that.

>  Are the studies showing that it is site degredation that is to blame. 

What studies, this is antecdotal information from people on this mail 

> I'd be interested to read more.
> Sorry also about saying we are all on Humalog, I usually am more
> politically correct and say most of us etc.  I guess there are still some
> rebels out there.  Buddy  <big grin> Question... Doesn't just going on
> Humalog usually lower HA1cs a point? Michelle

A lot of folks have reported similar improvements.  Lily's came down 
about a half a point in 90 days and has stayed at the same place 
since then. but..... she's a teenager and has trouble with control 
due to rapid hormonal changes - she is in the mid to high 6's most of 
the time.

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