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[IP] Re: Humalog

> Are you currently using Humalog with another insulin?
> I was not sure what people meant when discussing the absorption
> problem having pumped Humalog for a year with no problems. Recently,
> I believe I experienced
> this problem. It followed a rather large bolus. Is there a website
> etc that would be interested in my experience? As well as a place
> for me to learn about mixing? What brand of insulin are people
> mixing with Humalog to "smooth out the ride." Thanks in advance for
> the info. Katie      email @ redacted
My daughter Lily uses humalog mixed with velosulin in a 
ratio of 5 to 1

I originally got the idea from Buzz Haughton <email @ redacted>
who has joined and gotten off the list a couple of times. I believe 
he mixes 3/1 or something like that.

The problem reported is elevated bg's after the second/third day of 
pumping humalog into the same site.  Lily experienced the problem 
more severely this summer when she was still doing manual set 
insertions.  She inserts very slowly and probably bruises the tissue 
when she does so. She was experiencing problems with highs on DAY 2. 
She switched to the Sof-Serter and the problem seemed to go away, 
however, by the end (evening) of the third day her bg's begin to 
creep up.  She experienced what appeared to be rebound highs in the 
morning many times though we could NEVER catch a low with a 3am 
check. I think this is strictly a Humalog problem, Bob Burnett has 
reported the same problem. She has experienced light-headedness after 
a large bolus for morning highs.  These problems seem to have gone 
away when small amounts of regular insulin are mixed with the 

BOB BURNETT < email @ redacted > has reported similar problems and 
may know of other reports.

Care to comment Bob??

There are at least 2 other patients of the Doc Lily sees that are 
mixing regular with Humalog. The 5/1 ratio works very well for Lily. 
Her bg's have stopped zooming up and down and her 3:00am check has 
hoovered right around 100 for a couple of weeks now.  I am actually 
getting comfortable with the situation again.

That is all I know.

If you look at the archives, you will find other reports of 2nd or 
3rd day highs.  The topic is discussed on and off.


email @ redacted