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[IP] Humalog - clarifying the infusion site problem

> Welcome Samuel,
> I think everyone uses Lispro even though it is not officially approved
> for the pump.  You might find it interesting to go through the archives
> from the group since this is a popular topic.  I think the latest is
> using 1/5 velosolin to 4/5 Lispro because Lispro is unstable if
> unrefriderated and the buffer in the V stablizes it. Good Luck   Michelle
Please don't propagate this myth.  The Humalog is perfectly stable. 
At the same temperatures as other insulin.

The problem reported repeatedly is that there is some interaction 
with humalog and the infusion site that prevents humalog from being 
absorbed as readily as other insulins. This phenomena, while well 
documented, is not well understood. Adding regular insulin to Humalog 
appears to moderate this problem and remove some of the 'jaggedness' 
in the bodily response to the humalog infusion (or injection 
probably), 'smoothing out' the ride.

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