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Re: [IP] numbness

I totally understand how you feel.  I think diabetes nurtures the
obsessive compulsive in us.  Christmas has kind of derailed my previously
pious eating plan.  My one touch average has gone back up.  So
frustrating because you don't want to move anywhere too fast and it seems
as if my slip was a rapid one.  Can't wait for the sensor so we can set
our average at say, 150 for six months and forget about it.  Ah, the good
life.  Only bad thing about that is I might miss some of the neat friends
I am meeting here cuz we will have all gone on to bigger and better
    About looking for a new endo.  Since I have changed  insurances, I'm
looking for new everything.  I had not realized how well I had everyone
trained on the old insurance.  They are trying to convince me that the GP
can handle my pump, guess again buddy.  The battle is on.  My new hubby
says I am a diabetic nazi.   Michelle