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[IP] thigh site

Someone mentioned where do you wear the set at on the thigh.  I have
only been on the thigh since Nov. and have experimented some.  Not the
inside, or straight on for me.  Seemed more painful, and uncomfortable.
I have had no problems, or bumps, or pull outs when on the outside of
the thigh from 4 inches above the knee to below the bend or crease my
slacks would make when sitting.  I don't put it so far back as to sit on
it, or so it is aligned that it would be centered.  
It seems to me, that tight sticky material, like: leotards, nylons, or
some clingy materials are more uncomfortable than a slippery tight
material.  I wear bicycle tights and they work well for extra warmth in
the winter to wear under slacks.  With the new sets that are less
noticeable that the q-r's, I would think that it would be neat! I wear
the pump on my belt, but just be inventive with some of the ideas
already stated on the board. I was really afraid of the absorption rate
changing, and other than on infusion change day, I bolus an extra
1.works for me.
  Hope this helps someone.  Later Laurie