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[IP] shooting up(was travel with pump)

In a message dated 98-01-12 11:01:06 EST, Greg wrote:
>  Back when I took shots, I also carried around a prescription when I went to
>  various concerts and stuff (the longer festival types, like Lollapalooza,
>  where you're there so long you need to take a shot).  Didn't want the
>  security types at those alterna-fests thinking I was smuggling in something

I had disconnected the old fashioned way on the beach in Nice - you know with
the clamp, take the syringe out of hte pump etc. so I could go swim.  then to
hook up after you have to fill the empty part of the cap with insulin with a
syringe - what a hassle!  All day this little 7 year kid was staring at the
"wond" on my belly and he finally go the nerve to ask me - we talked in french
- and I think he grasped the concept - but he was sure intrigued by the
mechnaics,,,as are most kids

>  Which reminds me, I haven't been in a mosh pit since getting the pump.
>  That's over 2 years.  Gosh, now I feel old or something :-)

Have you gone to a Discovery Zone with a 4 year old nephew...much more
headbanging than any Front 242 mosh pit - I ripped an entire set out one time
crawling throu those tunnels and playing in the ball pool...didn't even
realize it til my nephew asked my why my pump tube was hanging down my leg...

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