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Re: [IP] traveling with a pump

On 12 Jan 98 at 7:56, Wasson wrote:

> 1/12/98 
> I'm going to be traveling to las vegas soon, does anyone have any experience
> traveling with the pump, long flights(gosh can you even get on a plane with
> the pump??), time zone changes, etc.etc.??  another thing that I'm concerned
> about is being around a bunch of "normal" people who by my standards are
> throwing their good health away, I guess this is part of my anger and
> frustration about having to deal with diabetes. Anyone else ever feel like this?
> For the first time I finally managed to get 4 days out of a set(using my
> backend), I'm glad to be changing it, today it feels a little sore. Does
> everyone else usually get 4 days? Exactly where do you put it when you use
> the thigh, the tender inner part or the outer part(would walking affect the
> absortion rate in this area)?
> Carol,

I went to Philadelphia about a month after I started on the pump.  I 
had no problems in the Nashville airport - I had the pump on my belt 
in the gray padded case and it didn't even set off the metal 
detector.  When I headed back the metal detector at Philadelphia 
didn't like the zipper on my leather jacket and they had to do a 
body scan with one of those hand held scanners.  It beeped at the 
pump, I took it out of the case and the guard asked if it was a 
pager.  I told her it was an insulin pump and that the tubing coming 
out of the end went to my stomach.  She quickly said "we don't want 
to bother that - put it back in the case" and then continued checking 
my jacket.  

It was easier travelling because I didn't have to worry about flight 
times hitting at meal times (you know, when you're sitting on the 
runway, your bg starts dropping and you gotta eat NOW).   I have 
travelled a fair amount in the past 10 years and travelling with the 
pump was a lot easer than under MDI.  My bg was more stable and much 
easier to manage.  I think the Diesetronic pump has some problems 
flying if you leave the rubber stopper on the end, but you'd have to 
ask a D user for further information.  Just make sure to take three 
or four infusion set changes with you, just in case... along with the 
spare batteries and other stuff.  My wife thinks it's funny because I 
always have 2 bg meters with me, and when I travel I take 3...

As far as the anger and frustration goes I think many of us get this 
way at times.  This group has been helpful to me because most of the 
people understand and give support and encouragement.  I think it's 
normal - we are having to take responsibility for an aspect of our 
lives that most people aren't even aware of.  

I still try to change my site every three days.  I've gone a couple 
of times for 4 days and the site gets a little uncomfortable and 
takes longer to recover after four days.  Most of the bruising, 
soreness and tenderness I've had from sites were the ones that I left 
in for an extra day.  
Randall Winchester

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