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Re: [IP] numbness


Thanks for the information.  I think I had heard similar but was unsure.  I
was really beginning to freak out and I *really* wanted to slip back into
not doing anything.  But I think that I need to be a little less
perfectionistic about my blood sugars.  I realized that I was going low a
lot so I am going to aim a bit higher and do it a bit more gradually. I
have a externally imposed break right now since Bayer has recalled the Dex
strips in Canada and the pharmacy is unsure of how soon I will get more.
Bayer says they will FedEx me some ASAP.  I have my old meter but I don't
like it.  But I will use it ;')

It is hard though!  I want perfection and I want it NOW! ;')  I do tend to
overdo things, then give up because the obsession is too much to maintain.
Exercise is the same, so I got a personal trainer to keep me from killing
myself.  Now I just need to find a good endocrinologist to  help with the

The potential increase in retinopathy that could occur with suddenly
decreasing sugars is enough to get me to ease off a bit.  I think I will
try to get the sugars to stay sort of level, but not at a dramatically
lower level right away.


>Try not to worry too much.  I have been diabetic for 18 years also.  When
>I went on the pump a few months ago and increased my control, my fingers
>started going number with some pain.  My CDC said it was that the nerves
>were used to being constantly bathed in sugar and when my control
>improved it allowed the nerves to begin to heal.  It gets better.  I
>noticed the pain and numbness return each time my sugar went back up to
>300 after being normal for a while.  It is worse at night.  I guess our
>bodies don't like change even if it is for the better and getting
>healthy.  Do be careful and try not to get under control too rapidly as
>some studies have shown that bringing a high Ha1c down too quickly can
>worsen existing retinopathy.  Go slowly, perhaps over a six month time
>period.  I know it is frustrating because we have been unable to get any
>where near good control before and then we start getting complications
>and get motivated and then find out our overzealousness can get us into
>trouble.  Good luck Michelle  email @ redacted

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted