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Re: [IP] traveling with a pump


I travel often and find the pump absolutely liberating! My ability to deal
with erratic airline schedules, equally erratic airline food, time zone
differences, etc., are so much easier with my pump.

Re: changes in time zones, here is what I do:

1)  If flying east to west, I change the pump clock when I change time
zones *if* I am only crossing one zone. If I am crossing more than one time
zone, I may wait until I arrive at my destination. The ultimate deciding
factor is my BG levels.

Since I use a number of different basal rates during the day, a higher
basal rate may be repeated when travelling east to west and "losing" an
hour for each time zone crossing. The net effect when I reach my final
destination could be the same as a temporary basal increase of 50 % or more
for several hours!

2)  When travelling west to east (or is that left to right?), I often
adjust the pump clock before I leave - once again, this depends on how many
time zones I am crossing. I find I may need an adjusting bolus during
transit or once I arrive, since I may actually "miss" some basal changes
when crossing time zones.
I test more frequently during transit.

In general, I try to leave myself some "slack" in managing my BG levels
when travelling, and do not attack things too aggressively. I find it is
easier to deal with an unexpected high BG than have to deal with an
unexpected hypo resulting from managing things too tightly.

Airport security has never been a problem; I always carry my supplies with
me; copies of my prescriptions are in my wallet. I find the biggest
challenge for me is learning to "relax" a bit. I travelled for too many
years worrying about injections, meals, timing, schedule changes, etc.
Pumping adds a whole new dimension to the travel "experience" for me.
Vacations are more like vacations. Business trips are well, still business
trips, but easier to manage.

Re: Your comment about being around "normal" people who "are throwing their
good health away". Hey, I always thought we were the "normal ones" Everyone
else is just waiting to join our club ;-)

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

>I'm going to be traveling to las vegas soon, does anyone have any experience
>traveling with the pump, long flights(gosh can you even get on a plane with
>the pump??), time zone changes, etc.etc.??  another thing that I'm concerned
>about is being around a bunch of "normal" people who by my standards are
>throwing their good health away, I guess this is part of my anger and
>frustration about having to deal with diabetes. Anyone else ever feel like
>For the first time I finally managed to get 4 days out of a set(using my
>backend), I'm glad to be changing it, today it feels a little sore. Does
>everyone else usually get 4 days? Exactly where do you put it when you use
>the thigh, the tender inner part or the outer part(would walking affect the
>absortion rate in this area)?
>Carol Wasson
>email @ redacted
Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted