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[IP] numbness

Try not to worry too much.  I have been diabetic for 18 years also.  When
I went on the pump a few months ago and increased my control, my fingers
started going number with some pain.  My CDC said it was that the nerves
were used to being constantly bathed in sugar and when my control
improved it allowed the nerves to begin to heal.  It gets better.  I
noticed the pain and numbness return each time my sugar went back up to
300 after being normal for a while.  It is worse at night.  I guess our
bodies don't like change even if it is for the better and getting
healthy.  Do be careful and try not to get under control too rapidly as
some studies have shown that bringing a high Ha1c down too quickly can
worsen existing retinopathy.  Go slowly, perhaps over a six month time
period.  I know it is frustrating because we have been unable to get any
where near good control before and then we start getting complications
and get motivated and then find out our overzealousness can get us into
trouble.  Good luck Michelle  email @ redacted