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Re: [IP] traveling with a pump


I already wrote about traveling with the pump, but just wanted to add a few
things when I saw your entire post...

As for being around a bunch of normal people - you mean people who eat and
drink without regard for what it is doing to their big butts, zitty skin and
bad breath (just kidding!!)  If you feel nervous, go test in the bathroom,
keep th epump under the table when you bolus....don't be like me and just plop
the glucometer on the table next to you. poke and gush all over yourself and
then suck it clean.....

Don't let THEIR bad habits frustrate you - YOU are in control ---and if you
feel like having a fizzy drink with a pink umbrella - well, dammit, go for it
and don't feel bad!!

I usually get 4 or more days in my big old fat belly - never tried butt or

have an awesome trip!!!