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Re: [IP] traveling with a pump

ditto what greg said - just switch the clock when you arrive - test
frequently.  I travel frequently, and have been across the pond, so to speak
many times and have never had a problem...except when i was on multiple

As for carrying stuff, I only got stopped wearing the 506 - guess it had
something mettallic that caused the xray to go - off - they told me to take it
off and  go thru again - I said...uh...it's attached.  (pre-tender days), so
they used the big scary wand on me - I felt like such a criminal.  Now, I
rarely beep - though I have every time in France for some  reason - better
security maybe.

Also, if you travel anywhere MAKE SURE YOU HAVE WRITTEN PRESCRIPTIONS for
everything you are carrying and everything you might need.  I always casrry a
letter from my doc that lists all my multiple drugs, syringe needs, lancets,
etc.  JUST IN CASE some crazed EYE-talian decides I might be a drug
dealer...though the way the pump is designed, I could very well have 300 cc of
the drug of your choice and no one would no...slow opium drip?!?!?!?

have a good trip