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RE: [IP] traveling with a pump

> I'm going to be traveling to las vegas soon, does anyone have any
> traveling with the pump, long flights(gosh can you even get on a plane
> the pump??), time zone changes, etc.etc.?

I've never had any problems going through an airport/on a plane with the
pump.  When I travel I bring the backup pump (I use a Diesetronics), at
least one spare cartridge, extra infusion sets, batteries, etc.  These all
go in a carry-on bag, and I've never been questioned about them.

As for time zone changes, my nurse educator suggested that I simply change
the pump's clock to local time when I get where I'm going, and change it
back when I get home.  That's what I do, and it works great. Travelling with
the pump is much less stressful than travelling was with needles (if just
because my Seattle --> Pittsburgh and back runs required me to take a shot
on the plane, ick ;-)

The main thing about trips is to enjoy yourself.  Have fun!

--Greg, who's hopefully flying to New York soon...

Greg Legowski                       http://www.pobox.com/~gregleg
"I hate to tell you this, sport, but you're relatively normal..."
  -- Edith Wilson