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[IP] traveling with a pump


I'm going to be traveling to las vegas soon, does anyone have any experience
traveling with the pump, long flights(gosh can you even get on a plane with
the pump??), time zone changes, etc.etc.??  another thing that I'm concerned
about is being around a bunch of "normal" people who by my standards are
throwing their good health away, I guess this is part of my anger and
frustration about having to deal with diabetes. Anyone else ever feel like this?
For the first time I finally managed to get 4 days out of a set(using my
backend), I'm glad to be changing it, today it feels a little sore. Does
everyone else usually get 4 days? Exactly where do you put it when you use
the thigh, the tender inner part or the outer part(would walking affect the
absortion rate in this area)?


Carol Wasson
email @ redacted