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[IP] Youth Day (fwd)

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Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 18:14:09 -0500
From: Erin Sexton <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted
Subject: Youth Day

The Ontario Youth Affiliate of the Canadian Diabetes Association is
organizing a YOUTH DAY & we need your help.

On February 22, 1998 get a group of friends together & do something fun.
Let us know what you did & how many people participated & we'll mention
it in an upcoming issue of Sweet Sensations, our newsletter. 

It doesn't matter where you live just join us on February 22nd in some

Could you please help us by letting us know if you will be participating

Thanks for your help,
Erin Sexton
Ontario Youth Affiliate

P.S.  Plans for the 1998 Youth Retreat are underway.  Don't forget to
check our message at:   www.diabetes.ca/cda/on/youth.htm