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[IP] Gee I got lost

Well after pages of looking, I finally found my profile. &-}  I wasn't
trying to ignore anyone, thanks for responding with a warm welcome.
I don't know too much about the seizures, only that someone else had to
deal with them, and I was pretty much out of it.  Low bg's in the wee
hours of the night, with the unpredictability of when the N would peak,
is what I think.  They were getting too often, 4 and 5 times a year.  
I am happy that part of my carreer as a dm is over.  I love the freedom,
and the choices I am able to make in life now.  
I remember that before the pump, my eyes(pupils) were like swimming
around  and seemed to be changing constantly.  This was on mi and the Dr
kept saying he felt that they would soon get better with tighter
control.  I tried so hard to get better control, and then the seizures,
and then I would back off some, what a merry-go-around.  I had lazer in
both eyes, and then I  had a bleeder 3 years ago.  I remember the first
lazer I had, the vet I went to was mean.  No anthesia (sp), I was zapped 
999 times before I thought I was going to scream.  I couldn't sit
through anymore.  The guy acted like I deserved it.  I wouldn't go back
to him for all the cocoa crispies in Michigan.  This was in 85, I didn't
need any further until 89, and that was a dream comparably.  I couldn't
believe it was done when it was.  I was ready to pass out with
anticipation, weighing out how long I would be able to go through the
torture again.  At least there is somewhat of an alternative to just
going blind now.  I have spoke to many dms that wish that they would
have had the chance to save their vision.  I know there are those of you
who are in a struggle now to save your vision, I am praying for you.
We are all just candidates to be in the very same footsteps, somewhere
down the line, and we may think our speriority keeps us out of harms way
but this disease is a killer. Don't ever forget it.
Later L.Brack