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Re [IP] Sugar in eyes?

>    I HIGHLY recommend South PArk (wed night Comedy
central, 10pm).  These
>little 8 year old rugrats will make you laugh so hard
you'll pee your pants -
>even if you are too old to do that... However, do not watch
with children.
>This is truly warped and disgusting - much more so than
Beavis and Butthead,
>but if you are looking for stress relief - THIS IS IT
>*-) Sara

Hi Sara!

I can eat all the cheesie poofs and chicken pot pie I want with this insulin
pump! Let's hope that Kenny has one! My A1c's have improved again since we
started watching the show (the last time this happened was when I started on
the pump!)

(Hope we don't bump into Mr. Hanky on this one!)

Deirdre M.