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Re: [IP] Re: Additional info on Humalog probs for Lilly

Michael, I just gotta say that that kid of yours has to be some
genius by now :)  Of course she has a good researcher and teacher
on her side..  

Michael wrote:
> > Michael:
> >     Ditto, ditto, ditto......I definitely feel we get a "smoother, more
> > predictable ride" with the velosulin( which Melissa switched back to last
> > week) than when she was on Humalog- although there is a significant difference
> > in postprandials. Certain aspects of each work well on her, so the "cocktail"
> > is an intriguing option, especially in light of Lily's successful
> > "experiment.".......Hmmmmmmm.....
> >
> > Still considering,
> > Renee
> >
> >
> Lily changed her set again today, the 3rd change of 4 day stints.
> 3:00 am bg's were 105, almost the same as the night before.  She
> slept in 'til 10:00 so was about 140 when she awoke.  Vastly improved
> stability.  I am now firmly in the MIX IT camp.  We have not
> experimented with ratios, just picked the one being used out of the
> air.  My opinion is that less regular is better than more, as long as
> it works.  I think we will stick to the 5/1 H/V mix unless something
> happens to force a change.
> Bottom line, little if any noticeable difference in response from
> Humalog with respect to onset and time duration of peak
> effectiveness.   Lily has shortened her square wave
> From:  1/3 + 2/3 over 3.5 hours
> To:  1/2 + 1/2 over 2.5 hours.
> This is partly due to the fact that she change the way she caculates.
> before, she calculated just the food bolus and then bolused ALL of
> the 3.5 hours of basal rate at the beginning. (Probably the same as
> 1/2 - 1/2).  Now she adds her basal to the bolus calculation and THEN
> divides it up. -- Remember, she has a 506, the 507 does this
> automatically for you.
> My advice is to switch to a mix if you have ANY problems with
> Humalog.  Just remember the old saying, don't change your medication
> without first consulting with your health care team, blah, blah,
> blah....
> Michael
> email @ redacted