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Re: [IP] Re: Additional info on Humalog probs for Lilly

> Michael:
>     Ditto, ditto, ditto......I definitely feel we get a "smoother, more
> predictable ride" with the velosulin( which Melissa switched back to last
> week) than when she was on Humalog- although there is a significant difference
> in postprandials. Certain aspects of each work well on her, so the "cocktail"
> is an intriguing option, especially in light of Lily's successful
> "experiment.".......Hmmmmmmm.....
> Still considering,
> Renee
Lily changed her set again today, the 3rd change of 4 day stints.

3:00 am bg's were 105, almost the same as the night before.  She 
slept in 'til 10:00 so was about 140 when she awoke.  Vastly improved 
stability.  I am now firmly in the MIX IT camp.  We have not 
experimented with ratios, just picked the one being used out of the 
air.  My opinion is that less regular is better than more, as long as 
it works.  I think we will stick to the 5/1 H/V mix unless something 
happens to force a change.

Bottom line, little if any noticeable difference in response from 
Humalog with respect to onset and time duration of peak 
effectiveness.   Lily has shortened her square wave 

From:  1/3 + 2/3 over 3.5 hours

To:  1/2 + 1/2 over 2.5 hours.

This is partly due to the fact that she change the way she caculates.
before, she calculated just the food bolus and then bolused ALL of 
the 3.5 hours of basal rate at the beginning. (Probably the same as 
1/2 - 1/2).  Now she adds her basal to the bolus calculation and THEN 
divides it up. -- Remember, she has a 506, the 507 does this 
automatically for you.

My advice is to switch to a mix if you have ANY problems with 
Humalog.  Just remember the old saying, don't change your medication 
without first consulting with your health care team, blah, blah, 

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