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Re: [IP] Re: Insulin Delivery Methods

> >    While on the subject of injecting. . . . .  Has anyone tried to inject
> >through the QR on the "Softset"? Guess I could try it on an old set and see
> >how that works.
> >
Lily does it in the summer when she takes her pump of for the whole 
day to go white water rafting.  She puts in 4 - 5 hours of basal rate 
using regular insulin injected into the QR.  You can slide the needle 
straight into the little recess under the soft plastic surface of the 

If you do it, remember to take into account the 2.5 units of humalog 
starting in the line that must be pushed out by the regular AND 
another 2.5 units that must be put back in to purge the 2.5 units of 
regular that will remain in the line after the injection.

A skin injection is probably easier.

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