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Re: [IP] Re: Insulin Delivery Methods

 However, he is not mixing insulins and I wasn't sure if you wanted to
>inject Humalog into your Velosulin infusion line.

    Thanks Gena, someone had told me that you could do that or I read it
somewhere. I can't remember. But I will not hesitate to try it. I would not
think twice about mixing the two insulins in the infusion line. If I would
need to inject 5 units to take care of the carbs I could squirt in 4 humalog
and then bolus 1 velosulin. My thinking is that the 1 unit of velosulin
would purge the line of Humalog and there would be no problems with it
(maybe) crystallizing in the line either. I will try it. Thanks again.

Buddy '-)