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[IP] Sof-serter problems

On Jan. 7th, Kelly wrote:

->Does anyone have trouble w/the catheter part of the set going in when
->using the insertor?  I have about 8 crinked catheter's that the
->needle part went in but not the tubing.  Tonight I went thru 2 sets
->and finally just used my hand and jabbed the da*n thing in--I was
->pissed!  I used the same site for all 3 pokes.  This does not happen
->all the time but I can't believe my hand can jab quicker than that


The Sof-serter really works.  I've been using it for 3-4 months now,
and have never had a misfire.  So I suspect that your problem has
more to do with technique than the mechanism.  Perhaps you are
"flinching" when you use it?  The damn thing does go in with a
horrifying thump!  Here are a couple of thoughts:

1) Be sure that the bottom of the needle assembly on the Sof-set is
seated in the groove of the Sof-serter mechanism properly.  If it's
in there at an angle, then it will go into your body at an angle.

2) Be sure that both "wings" of the Sof-serter are resting lightly on
your skin before pressing the plunger button.  In other words, make
sure it's parallel to your skin.  If it isn't, that could result in
the needle and cannula going in at an angle, which could cause it to

3) Above all, be calm and collected when you're using the Sof-serter.
If you're agitated or nervous, that could cause you to misfire
without realizing it.  Forgive me if this sounds simplistic, but I
really think it's human error that's causing your problems, and that
you'll get the hang of it if you perservere.

Good luck --