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Re: [IP] Re: Insulin Delivery Methods

>It is my understanding that humalog Insulin is affected by temperature only
>after it has been opened (cap removed and needle inserted). Otherwise it is
>not affected.
>                                               Craig

    In my opinion the insertion of the needle has nothing to do with it. I
would think that most pumpers after opening a new vial probably keep the
humalog in their tote bag? I have a bottle of humalog in the fridg that is
10 months old and is half full and still works like brand new. I use
Velosulin in my pump but when I forget to bolus an hour or so before a meal
or I am high in the morning and want to get the jump on my high carb
breakfast I will inject humalog instead of bolusing. Also, if I want to eat
some of the "forbidden food" and avoid any rise in BG again I will inject
the humalog.
    While on the subject of injecting. . . . .  Has anyone tried to inject
through the QR on the "Softset"? Guess I could try it on an old set and see
how that works.

Buddy '-)