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Re: [IP] Eli Lily comments

Yes, I noticed looking on the Eli Lily Website and having no data
for the Regular + Humalog mixtures.  What exactly is Velosulin? is that
the same as regular?  honestly, I have never heard of it other than on
this forum.  I'm sure my CDE knows nothing about it anyway and just
tried to maintain an "air" of professionalism by giving me an answer
instead of "gee, i'm not sure, I'll try to find out".  It's funny,
sometimes I will give the CDE some new information or talk about some
higher level issues than most patients talk about and the CDE seems to
want to impress my Endo by telling him that she told me what I told
her.. (er, does that make sense).. I could care less if she's trying to
score Brownie points with my Doc.. i just think it's funny..  I don't
think they expect patients to know much.. I figure I'm the captain of my
ship and I need to know which way the way the wind's blowing at all
times, and how to steer around those icebergs... which reminds me.. I'm
going to go see Titanic tonight :)

Michael wrote:
> > Guys, I just met with my CDE today.. I go on the pump next Thursday by
> >blah blah
> > She also told me that it was unwise to mix the insulins.. She said why
> > set yourself up for that kind of unpredictability.
> The CDE at Lily's doc's office said exactly the opposite. Frankly,
> they probably are just expressing their personal bias without
> anything concrete to back it up.
> If you look at the insert in the HUMALOG box (or the Lilly website)
> you will see that there is a lengthy dissertation on mixing HUMALOG
> with other insulins, the test results, etc....  Lilly expects this to
> be done and has provided guidance and testing information in the
> package.  However, nothing is mentioned about REGULAR insulin.
> This is probably unimportant since the target audience for the
> information was/is people who inject insulin and would normally use
> type 'N' and ultra insulins along with either Humalog or Regular.
> They certainly wouldn't use R and H together, it would not make
> sense.  That just leaves the pumpers as the OddBalls. heh...
> heh...:-)).
> My daughter Lily continues on her 3rd 4-day stint with
> the 5/1 Humalog/Velosulin mix (this is day 4). Her bg's have remained
> more stable than before - particularly at night where she could be
> very high or very low at 3:00 am. Night-time numbers have about 1/2
> the swing they had on straight Humalog.
> As I said before, the comments from Lily's doc office are favorable
> about the mix and the ratio.  They did not seem to think an increase
> in the Velosulin portion was a good idea because of the increased
> absorbtion time it creates. (Didn't like a proposed 3/1 or more mix).
> I don't think they have any solid info for this since there are only
> 2 other patients in the practice that 'mix'.
> Michael
> email @ redacted