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Re: [IP] Finding a good endocrinologist

Janine Shea wrote:
> >Hi Janine,
> >
> >Here's an answer
> >
> >FIRE HIM! You'd fire an auto mechanic in a heart beat if he wasn't
> >looking out for  your best interests, wouldn't you?
> >
> >May be harder to do in the Canadian so-called heathcare system, but
> >you've got a lot to lose here.
> Actually it is very easy - just find someone else!  THAT may be the hard
> part, but in a city the size of Vancouver, I think I should be able to find
> some options.  It does come down to best interests and I guess that I do
> feel mine are not going to be served.  Thanks for helping me realize that.
> Janine
> -----------------------
> Vancouver, BC, Canada
> email @ redacted

You might want to consider talking to your pump rep.  They will know
which docs are fans of the pump.