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Re: [IP] Weight training and BGs

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hey Mike..
> I see that you weight train.. I am very insulin-resistant.
> It takes me quite a few units to cover x units of carbohydrates..
> I've read that weight lifting maybe be good to increase sensitivity to
> insulin - much more so than aerobic.  Have you noticed any change
> from before you started?  Anyone have any information on weight
> lifting/insulin sensitivity?
> Forrest type 1 4yrs

I'm just getting back into it after a LONG rest period (several
years!).  I HAVE noticed, however a greater tendency to go low for the
next 24-36 hours.  I'm not sure if this is just due to the exercise, or
a decrease in insulin resistence.

Just BE SURE to check before you start...check halfway through...check
after...and have PLENTY of glucose tabs at hand JUST IN CASE.

The last thing you want is to go low, and drop a heavy dumbell on your
already at-risk toes!

Good luck,