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Re: [IP] Minimed's auto-insertor

>Kelly wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Does anyone have trouble w/the catheter part of the set going in when
>> using the insertor?  I have about 8 crinked catheter's that the needle
>> part went in but not the tubing.  Tonight I went thru 2 sets and finally
>> just used my hand and jabbed the da*n thing in--I was pissed!  I used
>> the same site for all 3 pokes.  This does not happen all the time but I
>> can't believe my hand can jab quicker than that insertor.
>> I wonder if Minimed will replace the 8 soft sets that are ruined--I have
>> saved them.  They are too expensive for this to be happening.  I have a
>> friend who uses it too and she is having the same thing happen to her.
>> Minimed????
>> --
>> Kelly
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>> Delaware, Ohio
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>>                 my dogs think I am!
>You may want to call MM.  When I used them a few years ago, they had a
>problem with the SofSets doing that.  Come to find out, they had
>switched manufacturers.
>Give 'em a cal...can't hurt.
>Or...wait for Bill (from MM) to reply here.  Bill?  Ya out there?

I'm here, just back from the East Coast.  FOr sure there is no reason for
this to happen.  Please send me one or all of the crimped sets that you
used with the SofSerter.  I can make  no promises about sending you new
ones, but I will try to get someone to talk to you about how you are
inserting them.  Call me at
1-800 933 3322 x 2913 and mail the sets back to me at
12744 San Fernando Road
Sylmar CA 91342.

If you mail needles back please make sure that they can not poke anyone.

Clearly mark the package for
Bill Van Antwerp
Returned SOfset Catheters