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Re: [IP] Unbeliever endos

This discussion has turned up a lot of interesting comments,
Anyone out there want to turn it into a FAQ


> Once I had decided to get the pump, I went to my endocrinologist and he
> said 'what you're doing with 4-5 injections a day is the same thing as
> a pump' ---WOW!! I thought. But I persisted and am very happy with the
> results. 
> By the way, he now has a partner who specializes in pump therapy. This
> partner is type 1 and wears a pump. He also started a pump group and
> sometimes even asks me if certain patients of his could 'handle' the
> pump. I think if you have a doctor who discourages pump use, you should
> INSIST on trying it. With time he/she are bound to see the results.
> (Unless they're too lazy to learn something new). If everyone were able
> to do this with their reluctant doctors, just imagine the changes that
> could be made.
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