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[IP] Unbeliever endos

Once I had decided to get the pump, I went to my endocrinologist and he
said 'what you're doing with 4-5 injections a day is the same thing as
a pump' ---WOW!! I thought. But I persisted and am very happy with the

By the way, he now has a partner who specializes in pump therapy. This
partner is type 1 and wears a pump. He also started a pump group and
sometimes even asks me if certain patients of his could 'handle' the
pump. I think if you have a doctor who discourages pump use, you should
INSIST on trying it. With time he/she are bound to see the results.
(Unless they're too lazy to learn something new). If everyone were able
to do this with their reluctant doctors, just imagine the changes that
could be made.