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Re: [IP] tender


try turning the plunger when you prime the tubing so that it lines up and the
wings on the luer lock are in a good place to fit into the neck of the 507

I use the Tender (both short tube and 42" tube) with my MM507 and have had no
problems.  I use the short syringe method, so I am forced to change something
at least every 4 days or so (that is how long the 160 unites lasts for me).  I
have only had site irritation once or twice...and usually the result of having
it in a bad place.  Otherwise I leave em in til I have an unexplainable bs, or
it gets tender to the touch - that is usually after it has been yanked
on...and since I sleep in a loft, and sometimes start off the ladder without
pump in hand or attached to underwear, it swings down after me, in a pendulum
fasion, lightly crashes into the wall, then hangs til I can grab it again - NO
I AM NOT DROPPING IN  ON THE FLOOR - when I hit the ladder I am still 6 feet
in the air.

*-) Sara