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Re: [IP] Sugar in eyes?


If you have any signs of retinopathy, then your bs ranges are OK - I aim for
100-150, since going low seems to make me bleed more ofter - case in point - I
woke up with 58 and bled at noon today.....

I don't think there is literally sugar in the eye, except whatever is in the

My most recent Aic was 7.8, up from 7.2 in September, but who knows if that is
really accurate or just a balancing out of all the highs and lows...which I
aim to avoid, but don't always succedd

    I HIGHLY recommend South PArk (wed night Comedy central, 10pm).  These
little 8 year old rugrats will make you laugh so hard you'll pee your pants -
even if you are too old to do that... However, do not watch with children.
This is truly warped and disgusting - much more so than Beavis and Butthead,
but if you are looking for stress relief - THIS IS IT

*-) Sara