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Re: [IP] Sugar in eyes?

>What are you taking about when you say the sugar in my eyes?
>I am intrigued by that statement.

    This is strictly my point of view Nancy, but you see, the way I have
looked at this diabetic thing. . .  when you don't control your BG and it
stays high. . . .  this is where you start spilling sugar in your urine,
Right? Also when you are at this point your blood is full of the sweet stuff
too, Right. If you imagine your automobile's lubricating system (oil) and
you don't keep the oil and filter changed at regular intervals it gets laden
with this filth (sugar). This is very detrimental to this mechanical
mechinism same as the sugar and keytones are to your body. If you have all
this syrup pouluting your blood your kidneys are having to work three times
harder to remove all this trash from uour urine therefore kidney damage and
the vessels in your eyes weaken and burst.
    I know you have probably been told that the retinopathy in your eyes is
caused from tiny "new" vessels that are too weak and burst under the
pressure, ie no lifting heavy objects and stay on your bloodpressure
>Oh and Amanda,my three year old, and I laid on the floor and

>watched a cartoon.   It was refreshing.  :-)
>Thanks for the help,

    I know. I have my baby boy here at my feet wanting my undevided
attention. We all need to look at the world through the eyes of a child
regularly just to remind ourselves what life is all about. You realize that
most species on this planet live just long enough to mate, raise a couple of
young'uns, and croak or get eaten by the next link in the food chain. If
that were the case with us we all would have been nailed the first time we
had one of those "cheap drunks", or was holding on the the counter holding
our breath trying to stick a piece of iron in our gut and didn't know where
we were or couldn't remember that we were to run from that next higher link!
    Hope you don't count off for those run-on sentences. <smile> You have to
remember I'm just an old beat-up millwright that really loves the Discovery
channel. <BIG GRIN>

Love ya,

Buddy '-)