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Re: [IP] Finding a good endocrinologist

Nothing and I mean **nothing** will be able to erode my faith in pumps.
After 13 years on it, I am a true convert, firm believer and living proof
that even with no attention to diet, blood sugars, exercise or adjusting
insulin, the pump can provide some degree of  control (as long as your
basal rates as good).  Now that I am paying attention to diet, exercise and
boluses, my sugars are excellent and I feel great.

I started with a pump (Nordisk) that had one basal rate, then the Minimed
504-s, with more and now the 506 (which I bought just before the 507 came
out - Agghhh!).  I am hoping the next pump I buy will include glucose
testing!  8')


>Can you ask your previous endos for a reference? They may know of a good pump-
>advocating endo in Vancouver.  Whatever you do, find someone who believes in
>the pump or convince your new endo to become a convert.  Bombard him/her with
>information-- don't let them erode your faith in pumping!
>Mary Jean

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted