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[IP] Re: Eli Lilly


I have forwarded this to Lilly. You will note that I removed the 
references to pumping.
I received this today from one of the mail list members.

Absent a response from your company re: shipping procedures for 
Humalog, perhaps I should forward all these types of messages to the 

email @ redacted

I made a similar request this summer to Eckerd Drugs, after 
discarding two bottles of Humalog from the same prescription which I 
suspected were bad. I was told by the Eckerd rep that with their 
"usual" shipping procedures, the insulin sat in un refrigerated 
trucks "typically no more than twelve hours", sometimes overnight, if 
the shipment was scheduled for first thing in the morning. It was 
then received at the drugstore and "usually placed in refrigeration 
upon receipt, usually not sitting out more than a couple hours".

Remember now, this is a national drugstore chain handling this drug in
this fashion. I cannot imagine what happens when the postal carriers
and assorted contracted shippers handle it.

My rough estimate was that it is not unusual for the temps in the
backs of these trucks to exceed 120 degrees during the summer (upstate
New York) when the outside temps exceed 80 degrees, as was common this
summer. This is clearly outside the storage parameters for this drug.

At that point I called Eli Lilly. It was a fairly pointless call. End
of story.

My point here is that Eli Lilly is responsible for the safe dispersal
of the drug *IN PARTNERSHIP WITH* the shippers who are contracted for
this service and the pharmacies / clinics, etc. who store, handle and
dispense this drug.

I agree fully that this matter requires the utmost attention from
Lilly (and the FDA). The scope of this issue poses a grave threat to
all Humalog users.

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted
email @ redacted