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Re: [IP] Re: Minimed's "so called" new technology, glucose monit

> Another Glucose sensor,  which is non-invasive (does not break the skin) is
> close to submitting for FDA approval, but you don't hear much about them. 
> It is the GlucoWatch: (www.fluent.com)

Are you sure you have the right company, they say they do this:

"Fluent is the world leader in the rapidly growing field of design 
and simulation software used to predict
 fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, chemical reaction, and related
 phenomena. Fluent's general purpose software and consulting services
 are used by engineers in leading corporations worldwide for detailed
 product development, design optimization, troubleshooting, scale-up,
 and retrofitting."

The only supplier I am aware of that is close to FDA approval in 
Integra. There is a link to the info on our website, but they still 
look quite a ways off from having a finished product that works.

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