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Re: [IP] Re: Managing Your Diabetes question

A few months back I threw away five bottles of Humalog. I was not there to
sign for them so they took it back for a day. I assume it sat in some truck. I
live in Texas and it gets plenty hot here boys. (It's up to 66 today and it's

I had highs I couldn't pull down. Bolused and Bolused and Bolused. Then
changed sites. Changed cartridge. Finally purchased new bottle of Humalog at
Phramcy which took my word that my Dr would call Monday with a prescription. I
threw out all five bottles.

I tried in vain to get the provider to change mailing/packaging policy. They
wouldn't replace them either b/c I didn't call within 30 days. It took me two
weeks to finish current supply, one week on the bad stuff to isolate and fix
problem and more than a week to call.