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RE: [IP] public testing

My kids (almost 5 year old twins) are so used to seeing me stick my
finger in my mouth to get the blood off, that I am a little concerned
about how they are going to deal with cuts of their own.  We haven't had
much in the way of cuts up to now (hard to believe) but I can just see
them cutting themselves and trying to lick it off.  Won't they think me
or their teachers kind of silly for making them wash it off with water,
put an antiseptic on it and a Band-Aid?  I guess I should start talking
more about it.

On another funny note with kids, my son was watching me change my
infusion set this morning (they both love to watch) and commented on the
fact that he didn't need a needle in his tummy because he was a boy!
While I was trying to clear that up, he said it was because he wasn't a
mommy.  No, we talked some more and he even wanted me to list the names
of people that I know who had to take medicine with a needle in their
tummy, boys and girls.  It was quite an interesting discussion to see
how his mind was trying to figure it all out.  

- Jodi

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	I remember the first time my girls (at the time about 2 and 3)
took notice
	of me licking the blood off of my finger after a test.  They
kind of got
	this startled look on their faces and then started lauging at
me!  I got
	real indignant (yes, I was childish myself to get indignant at a
3 and 2
	year old) and said loudly:
	What's so funny!!!  It's my blood!!!!


	> I just pop the old bleeding digit in my mouth and suck...If
anywone has
	>> >
	>I do the same thing!  I've been doing these tests so long that
I don't
	>much about it -- I just casually take out the meter and
sticker, jab away,
	>and lick the leftovers.
	>First time I did that in front of my current pseudo-girlfriend
was right
	>after she'd asked me to show her how to do a blood test, so
there was no
	>explaining it off as anything BUT the fact that I was licking
off the
	>The cute thing was, she just smiled...  *sigh* :-)